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We had visitors!

Karen Kammeraat
February 19, 2024

This month we received some nice visitors from abroad! Both Theresa from Ghana and Yuli from Peru participated in the Ambiente Fair in Germany and combined this with a visit to the Netherlands.

We have known Yuli from Peru for over a decade. She was part of a trade mission that we organized before starting Brilliant Entrepreneur.  Her business is called Sumaq Qara and produces beautiful decoration, based on Peruvian traditions and handmade by more than 500 women in the Peruvian mountains. During the past 10 years their staff has grown from three sisters working together to a total of 16 team members in two locations. They are exporting all over the world!

With Theresa we are currently closely working on a proposal where we will together enhance the dolls that she makes with digital devices. This will turn them into interactive dolls  creating awareness about Ghanaian heritage. Her company is called MBA Mode. We were luckythat Theresa had a long layover at Schiphol and it was a pleasure to meet her there!