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"12 trillion dollar could be added to global GDP by 2025 by advancing women’s equality."

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Carla Brokking
Informal Investor

‘Thanks to the Brilliant Entrepreneur training the entrepreneurs found the courage and opportunities to turn their dreams into reality.’

Razan Attieh
Sukkar cakes

'It was a very useful exercise to be aware of who my clients are and who I want as my clients. I will definitely use this is in my future marketing activities'

Linda Hallaq
First Bazaar Jordan

'Finding out that hosting is my talent connected all activities that I execute with my business and gave me the focus that I needed'

Betty Mulanga
Paumubert business DRC

'The talent training allowed me to recognize my talent, I discovered that I am a master and I work seriously on this talent. Then, I gave training to my members on talents.'

Sekayi Mushay
travel agency Funo Safaris Zimbabwe

‘It was a life changing experience. I learnt that self confidence is something you can work on and this helped me to attract more clients.’


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