Our story

Brilliant Entrepreneur was established in 2014 by Yvette van Dok and Karen Kammeraat. Together they have more than 50 years of experience in emerging economies in the areas of gender, women empowerment, business, economic and financial development.

They concluded that personal development and self reflection is lacking in current business development services, and that this is exactly what would make the program interesting to women entrepreneurs. Thus, the Talent-in-Business program was born.

About the founders

Yvette van Dok Brilliant Entrepreneur

Yvette van Dok

Yvette's talent is 'to make people move'. She studied Business and Consumer Science at the Agricultural University in Wageningen. Since than she lived and worked for 15 years in Latin America, Africa and Asia. Back in the Netherlands she started her own business focussing on talent development and strengthening women entrepreneurship globally. She believes that everybody in the world deserves to develop his/her talent. This will contribute to professional growth, happy lives and a better world!

Karen Kammeraat Brilliant Entrepreneur

Karen Kammeraat

Karen's talent is 'to make something fun out of the ordinary'. She studied Industrial Design Engineering and Advanced Development Studies, worked for 10 years at Oxfam Netherlands and lived and worked in Tanzania. She runs her own consultancy business since 2009, with a focus on economic development in emerging economies, sustainable production and consumption. She also operates as an informal investor (business angel). Working with SME entrepreneurs gives her energy.

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