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Best wishes for 2024

Yvette van Dok
December 24, 2023

We are nearing the end of 2023. This is a great period to look back and reflect on happenings of this year; your happy moments, your precious achievements, your greatest failures, your best talent initiatives, your dearest friendships, etc. We know that life is never perfect, but still, reasons for gratitude are always there. What are you happy about? What is your most important take away from 2023? We are happy to share ours with you.

What made us happy in 2024
  • The 40 Brilliant Entrepreneurs in Albania that made courageous steps to invest, to find new clients and partners, to extend their premises and staff, to develop new products and most of all: enjoyed using their talents!
  • The 7 female leaders from the Middle East who strengthened their friendships with their talents.  
  • The 97% of our participants that rated our training with 10!
  • The International Alliance for of Women (TIAW) that awarded Yvette in the category Entrepreneurship of the World of Difference for her important contribution to women empowerment.
  • Our enthusiastic partners in 5 African countries.
  • Karen’s collaboration  with Entrepreneurs for Entrepreneurs (OVO) and their network of SME enterprises and financial partners in Uganda.
  • Our new website with the description of all our projects and our more than 1,200 followers on social media (Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn).
  • The great support of our 2 team members: Pauline and Hessel!