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We can Train your Trainers!

Yvette van Dok
June 28, 2023

It is nice to know your own talent. It is even more powerful to recognize the talent of other people. Do you wish to develop your own talent-in-business trainers’ capacity?  We are ready to share our knowledge and methodology with you in an intensive train-the-trainers trajectory. With this  you can reach out to more entrepreneurs and develop the great talents as a boost to the success of their businesses.

 The trainers in Mozambique preceded in the Train- the-trainers. This is what they experienced:


We feel that great and brave steps are made in the talent identification!’
‘It was a nice experience, also complicated. It is a new challenge to discover the talent of the people that you do not know’.
‘It was good and possible to follow the 6 steps for talent identification.’


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