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Value your star of 2022 and use them for 2023

Yvette van Dok
December 20, 2022

How much can happen in one year? Things seem to be moving faster and faster. Before we know it, we will dive into the new year. End of December is a perfect moment to cherish your highlights, your stars of the year. They contain precious elements to further build on in the future.

Our BrilliantEntrepreneur Top 7 Stars of 2022 are:

·      The collaboration with our partner RCC with whom we worked together on the mentorship program for 13 Brilliant Entrepreneurs from the Western Balkans. It was wonderful to discover their talents and enjoy their entrepreneurial spirits.

·      Women leaders from the MENA region are power-women! Thanks to the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 10 women leaders could visit the Netherlands. On the beach of Scheveningen we had the opportunity to shed light on their great talents.

·      Our colleagues and supporters Pauline,Caroline and Maaike have been of great value to Brilliant Entrepreneur. Thank you so much for keeping us sharp, for your inspiration, practical support and encouragement!

·      Seven years after our project in Uganda, our Brilliant Entrepreneurs there keep their connections alive and kicking, still being part of the entrepreneurs network of the NetherlandsEmbassy in Kampala! It is also amazing to see how much their companies have grown since they joined our training.

·      The talented team of our partner Susamati in Mozambique bravely continues the production of attractive toilets for everybody in the country. They even managed to get a contract with UNICEF. Congratulations!

·      We kept in touch with our partner inZambia and applied for funding together. We concluded that the way we work with them is the way we want to go forward and decided to make this the basis of our new pitchdeck. Thanks WEAC!

·      Good connections can go a long way. GADC, our partner in Albania revived contacts with new plans for our programme together as a result.

Looking at our stars we wondered: what is the most precious part of them? The answer is easy.It is the close collaboration with our partners and warm contacts with our Brilliant Entrepreneurs. Thanks so much to all of you! Let us keep building together!

What are your stars?

Do not underestimate the value of your stars of the year. They include precious elements where you can build on in 2023. Therefore, at the end of this year, reserve a moment to look back and harvest:

1)    Your highlights of 2022. What are your stars of this year?

2)    Decide what you will take with you to build on in 2023.

Share your stars with us. Email us or share on our social media.We're looking forward to a year full of brilliant stars. We wish you a valuable 2023. May your stars become a Milky Way!