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The growth of Brilliant Entrepreneurs in Uganda

Karen Kammeraat
December 15, 2022

Now, that was a great visit to Uganda last week! I visited a number of the women entrepreneurs that were trained by Brilliant Entrepreneur 7 years ago. Many of the participants are still in close contact with each other and they continue to have a good relationship with the Netherlands Embassy. The Embassy continues to invite them for many events that the Embassy organises, to the benefit of the women.

It was really amazing to see how the women and their businesses have grown over the 7 years.

  • Florence Okot of Yellow Star now has a big and professional factory where she produces fortified flour, for example for Healthy Entrepreneurs.
  • Sharon Sabiiti of Kyogo Mazinga created a beautiful showroom for her stones and pots that attracts customers far and wide.
  • Judith Bakirya of Busaino Fruits Farm continues to grow and she supplies her jackfruit and that of neighbouring women to Fiber Foods, that exports to Europe.
  • Margaret Nagujja of Mukusu Motors has created a new business model to supply tractors to smallholder farmers in an affordable way.
  • Gudula Naiga Basaza managed to attract major funding and trains hundreds of youth to become agripreneurs.

Of course they didn't have an easy time during Covid. Uganda doesn't have support programs for businesses, so it was a real struggle. On top of that there is the current recession. Still they are full of energy and determined to make even bigger successes of their businesses. We are so proud of all these women!!