Talent school 2021

Yvette van Dok
January 20, 2021

A new year with new opportunities!  And…With enough challenges, that much is clear by now. What is the best way to make2021 a talent year? The answer is simple: keep learning!

Learning is not difficult. You don't have to look far for it: everyday life offers countless learning opportunities. The trick is to recognize these moments and to use them to increase knowledge about your talent. And about your dragon. In other words: create your own learning school 2021!  

Choose one dragon

Stop blaming yourself and start learning. How often do we blame ourselves if things don't go the way you want? "If only I ..." or "I would rather ..." Turning this negative stream of thoughts into a valuable lesson is quite difficult, but fortunately, it is possible!

How to do this? Choose your ‘dragon of the year’. What behavior or what beliefs about yourself are bothering you most? Put it on number 1.

Beware: only choose one dragon, because you cannot do everything at the same time. Realize that "no choice " is already an example of your own dragon behavior.

Once you recognize this specific dragon, you can mark any dragon moment as a learning opportunity. Self-blame is no longer necessary. Look at the situation and your dragon behavior with understanding for yourself. Conclude what lesson you will pick up and forget the rest. On to the next moment!

Challenge your talent

Talent likes a focused challenge, So, choose which challenge you want to take up with your talent this year. How you want to develop your talent more? Make this clear for yourself and then think about how you realize this. Fun, challenging and inspiring. Something you really will enjoy.

A new spark every day

Have you chosen your dragon for this year? Is your talent challenge clear? Then set up your own learning school 2021 as follows:

• Place a small notebook next to your bed. Write down your dragon and talent challenge for this year.

• Write down one keyword every evening about the best learning moment of the day, about your talent or your dragon.

Discover how you can easily build wisdom in 365 days.

Enjoy learning!

Join our online session about talent on 3 February!

Do you want to go deeper in this subject and receive more information, guidance and tips? The topic described above is what we will  discuss during the first session of our online free Zoom series every first Wednesday of the month. The sessions are meant to inspire you, give a boost to your day, your business and yourself, and to revive your knowledge and experience with talent. During the sessions you will also receive interesting and exclusive offers!

The topic of the first session, Wednesday 3 February, is: How to make 2021 your best talent year ever!  

Register by sending an email to and we will send you a Zoom link. Looking forward to meeting you there!


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