Talent in times of crisis

Yvette van Dok
March 26, 2020

Corona has brought our world into crisis. Public life is paused, the stock markets turn red, what will be the consequences for your business? Uncertainty everywhere. Some people thrive on the new challenges that lie ahead. But for most of us, the lack of structure is crippling and confusing... Where is your talent?

For me, corona resulted in a flashback. To Honduras, where I lived in 1998, when hurricane Mitch passed by. It claimed 20,000 lives in one week. During that hurricane week we were stuck in our house in the countryside. Our creaking radio told us about the dramas that took place around us. After a week we could go outside the house. The destruction was unimaginable and incalculable. All bridges, roads, entire neighbourhoods, and villages were wiped out. Harvests were lost, irrigation systems destroyed and people shattered. Nobody knew what to do.

To my surprise, my talent woke up. I knew what to do. Arrange financing, shake field workers out of their confusion and put them to work, arrange material for drinking water and irrigation systems, activate villagers, students, and whoever was available, engage in house building, care for orphans, etc.

Corona is not a hurricane. But it is definitely a crisis. So let's not fool ourselves. Recognising that it is a crisis is miserable, but can also give you energy. Especially for your talent!


 My urgent encouragement is: put your talent into crisis mode now! You do this as follows: 

A.    Realize that corona is not over in a few weeks. In China it took at least three months before the situation was somewhat under control. Therefore, set a timeline of three months. That creates space to relate yourself to the new situation. 

B.    View the upcoming three months from the perspective of your talent. Determine your direction based on the following questions:

1.     What twist can you give to your work? What continues? What not? How can you properly organize this period and even use it? Make your choice and be creative.

2.     Does all your work drop out? Then look where you can deploy your talent, also outside your sector. Or is this an excellent opportunity to take that online course?

3.     Make a list of the people you want to pay attention to. Colleagues, friends, family, neighbours, clients, customers, etc. How do you arrange contact and cooperation?

4.     What do you find most annoying about this situation? How can you deal with this in a constructive way? Ask another person for help.

5.     How do you ensure that you also keep this period fun? And how do you stay fit? Make a top 5 of fun activities that are good for yourself.


Do you have clear answers? Decide on you direction and take action! Good luck!

P.S. Do you have questions? You can always contact us. Do not hesitate, we are happy to support you! 


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