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Talent has charisma

Yvette van Dok
March 8, 2022

Charismatic leaders set whole populations in motion with their charisma. Your talent also has charisma! Of course with a different scope to Mandela's, but if your talent speaks, you will be listened to. In fact, the other can simply not ignore it!

Charisma does not need many words. It is about appearance, trust in your talent and trust in your story.  This is how you catch the attention of someone. Even if it is just one person, even just for a single moment: the consequences can be unprecedented.

Discover the charisma of your own talent. Compare two situations from practice:

  1. one situation where you were ignored
  2. one situation in which you effortlessly got the other(s) along

Map out the difference between the two situations and identify the crucial ingredient for your charisma. No doubt that you will find it!

Especially for the international women’s day, let yourself be inspired by this great charismatic happy African feminist:  Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie in her Ted Talk: ‘We should all be feminists’.

Have a lovely international women’s day!