Talent at a distance

Yvette van Dok
July 6, 2020

Keeping a distance of at least 1 meter will be the norm for the near future. Never before has there been so much to do about this distance; the risk zone for COVID-19. What does keeping distance mean for your talent? One talent is happy that the physical proximity of others disappeared, while another talent misses it.

Examples of talent

• Ann (talent: to give space) does not miss the obligatory greeting kisses at all. She would rather keep it this way. She does miss the handshake. "But," says Ann, "I found a good solution. A ‘Namaste’ (Indian way of greeting and thanking) where you look each other in the eye is actually even more intimate. Can't we introduce that on a large scale? "

• Mariam misses a simple touch, a wordless gesture of comfort or support. "That is a huge loss for my talent: the resonator. A remote gesture works very different. I have not found a good alternative yet."

• Explorer Marc has discovered the following:  "1.5 meter has suddenly become 150 km. Nowadays we only see each other via computer screens. The reduction in travel time is a great advantage, but it requires a different way of working. In practice, it turns out that much more is possible than I ever thought. "

• Connector Tim cannot help his old mother in her small kitchen. "The wordless company, working together on cooking the meal, requires a different setting. Should we have a barbecue this summer?" 

Talent tips

The significance of keeping distance is different for every talent. It is nice to challenge your talent a bit and find some creative solutions:

-       From the point of view of your talent, what is the meaning of distance in relation to someone else? This could be a specific person.

-      Detect the most important part of the social contact you are missing now.

-      Use your talent (and maybe ask others as well) to find at least three possible alternatives for what you are missing.

-      Choose one alternative and start experimenting with it. Do you like it? Then refine it further and make it a habit. Don't you like it? Then try something else.

Have fun experimenting!


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