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Karen Kammeraat
September 29, 2020

Now we cannot travel to the countries and entrepreneurs we love so much to provide our trainings live there, we were so happy to be invited by the Dutch SEE network to give a workshop on our talent-in-business method for a group of women social entrepreneurs in the Netherlands. Nothing can beat live contact after all.

Social Enterprise Empowerment

SEE stands for Social Enterprise Empowerment. It is a network of more than 1,500 professionals. The goal of SEE is to accelerate and increase the movement towards a more sustainable private sector. The professionals are working on sustainability in a large variety of sectors. The businesses where they work range from independent professionals to multinational companies.

International members

Due to the COVID measures there was only space for 15 members to participate in our workshop. We were happy to see that the audience was so internationally diverse. SEE originally was a women's network. Since it is now open for men as well, it was also great to see that there was a male participant. Just like with the trainings we conduct in emerging and developing countries, we got the feedback that our approach and content were very refreshing.


We liked the take-aways that SEE formulated after our workshop, and shared with all their members. We also want to share them with you:

Do you also want to know your talent, and how being aware of it can help you in your work and private life? We are creative in designing the workshop or training that fits your audience.


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