Enjoy the benefits of our partnership with Global Bizz Network

Karen Kammeraat
July 2, 2020

We would like to celebrate with you that Brilliant Entrepreneur started a partnership with the Global Bizz Network! Just like Brilliant Entrepreneur, Global Bizz Network has the aim to help build the SME sector in developing and emerging economies. So, a perfect match with many advantages for you!

Discount for Brilliant Entrepreneur network

Global Bizz Network noticed that it is difficult and challenging for SMEs to find reliable international business partners. To solve this, they build an easy accessible platform that facilitates connections, partnerships and economic development.

Registering is free and by doing this your company becomes part of the database, so you can be found by (international) business partners. The paid membership gives you the opportunity to also search through the database. To make sure that all entrepreneurs can afford the fee, the fees are country specific. On top of that, we as Brilliant Entrepreneur may offer you a 20% discount on the paid membership! Just  enter 'BRILLIANT' in the coupon code box, and you will get the discount!

Regional market information

Next to the database, the Global Bizz Network also runs regional and national websites. At the moment these are GlobalBizzAfrica, GlobalBizzAsia, GlobalBizzLatinAmerica and GlobalBizzSouthAfrica. These pages are full with interesting market and business information and inspirational blogs. Selected articles and blogs from Brilliant Entrepreneur will also be shared on their sites.

Have a look and let us know your feedback!


Let's keep you updated.

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