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Need money? Be fearless!

Karen Kammeraat
April 4, 2022

Brilliant Entrepreneur participated in a very interesting meeting about successfully attracting investment as a female entrepreneur. One of the speakers was Cornelia Jahnel, a successful German business woman. She decided to work on making investments better accessible for women, after she found out that only a few percent of this money goes to female entrepreneurs. She shared a number of inspirational tips from her viewpoint as an investor that we want to share here:

-      Have a good team

-      Be authentic and show this consistently on your own and other media.

-      Know your story, your impact and your purpose

-      Network to get to know investors, pitch and don’t forget to follow up!

-      Be fearless!

Marian Spier won a number of prizes as social entrepreneur, and shared her story from the viewpoint as a female entrepreneur. Have a look at her TEDx talk about social impact.