Mexican women find their talent

Karen Kammeraat
September 8, 2019

From 27 until 29 May 2019 a group of more than 100 women entrepreneurs will gather in Rotterdam for three days of inspiring lectures and workshops and opportunities for networking. We are honored that our Yvette van Dok is also invited to tell about our Brilliant Entrepreneur programme and to guide the participants towards the identification of their unique talents. Knowing your unique talents adds tremendously to the efficiency and success of your business and a better work-private life balance. You are also invited!

About half of the entrepreneurs will arrive from Mexico and surrounding countries, and the other half consists of Spanish speaking entrepreneurs from the Netherlands. After the Forum the guests will travel to Belgium and France for further networking and knowledge opportunities.

For the complete programme and to register, please have a look at the site Forum for Women Entrepreneurs. The Forum and Tour are organised by Mujer y Poder Mexico and United Producers of Mexico.


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