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Meet us in East Africa

Karen Kammeraat
November 1, 2023

Our founder Karen will travel to Arusha from 16 until 22 November and to Kampala from 22 November until 5 December. In Arusha, Karen will meet with Ester, founder of Local Booking. This platform connects local tour operators directly to customers, which increases their margin and sustainability. Together we will investigate the opportunity of developing a Talent-in-Business program specifically for female touroperators. Do you wish to be involved? Or would you like to meet Karen while she is in Arusha? Let us know!


In Uganda, Karen will be leading the OVO Sustech4Africa inspiration tour, where 12 coaches from the Netherlands and Belgium travel to Uganda to assist 12 SME businesses. While there, Karen will of course also take the opportunity to visit some of the Ugandan entrepreneurs that were trained by Brilliant Entrepreneur years ago. Do you want to be part of the Sustech program? Would you like to implement the Talent-in-Business program in Uganda with us? Or do you have another question? Do not miss the opportunity to meet Karen while she is in Uganda.