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Level up!

Karen Kammeraat
December 7, 2021

We were invited by WEAC, our partner in Zambia, to provide 8 Talent-in-Business sessions within the AGS Level-Up Accelerator project (Accelerated Growth for SMEs). WEAC stands for the Women's Entrepreneurship Access Centre, so it was both for them as well as for us, quite exciting to take up these assignment, since 70% of the group consisted of ... male participants! A new experience.

It turned out to be a very open and active group, where everyone was happy to share experiences and help each other with their knowledge, expertise and connections. All 20 participants discovered their talent and their dragons and learnt how to use them. We also spent time on presentation and pitching, from creating one sentence that summarises your business in an attractive way, to a 10 minute pitch for investors.

The participants very much appreciated that the AGS project and the Talent-in-Business sessions were practical and could be used directly to improve their businesses. Because of the Talent-In-Business sessions they became aware that all their team members also have special talents, which makes it easier to delegate tasks and responsibilities and which added substantially to team building. All have plans to celebrate the achievements of last year with their teams, from handing out special gifts up to extensive braais including firework.

Thanks WEAC and cohort for the wonderful experience!