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Kick off Western Balkan mentorship program

Karen Kammeraat
June 21, 2022

On June 1st we travelled to the beautiful city of Belgrade, ready to kick off the mentorship program for women entrepreneurs from five Western Balkan economies. We were delighted by the group of 13 enthusiastic and active women who participated. The participants had very different businesses: from softwaretraining and education to the production of baby sleeping bags, and from natural cosmetics to a building and construction company. Representatives from women’s business associations and Roma organisations were also present, so it was a very mixed group, and it worked out wonderfully well.

Everyone was always ready to assist others and the group became quite close in just a few days. Together we identified the unique talent of each and every participant and we also discussed what withholds them from fully showing their talent. Everyone worked on the value proposition and practiced pitching for their businesses. We will continue to work with group until half October, and at the last session we will see whether they managed to achieve the business project they planned in the kick-off session. We thank the Regional Cooperation Council for this opportunity and look forward to stay in touch with everyone.