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In the spotlight: Entrepreneurs for Entrepreneurs

Karen Kammeraat
April 10, 2022

Entrepreneurs for Entrepreneurs is a Belgian organisation. Just like Brilliant Entrepreneur, they believe that small and medium sized businesses (SMEs) are an important driver of economic growth and employment in developing and emerging economies. They support African SMEs by linking them up with entrepreneurs from western Europe and specifically Belgium, who transfer knowledge and financing opportunities to help the African SMEs grow.

Every year they organise a so called boostcamp in the four countries where they are active: Benin, Rwanda,Senegal and Uganda. Selected SMEs will receive training and a group of coaches to develop their business plan and become investment ready. Once they arrive at the investment stage, Entrepreneurs for Entrepreneurs will look for European investors.

All coaches and investors are involved on a voluntary basis. Karen is one of their volunteers. Do you also want to become a volunteer? Or are you an African SME looking for support? Have a look at their website: