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How to navigate through all the funding opportunities?

Karen Kammeraat
August 30, 2021

It seems like every organization has discovered the potential of entrepreneurs in emerging economies and is ready to support with mentoring, networking, grants or loans. Most of them focus on specific countries, specific sectors or specific problems. Some examples:

-       The United Nations Economic Commission for Africa Grant awards USD 25,000 to Africans with innovative ideas, brilliant startups and growing businesses.

-      HEVA Fund supports cultural and creative businesses in14 Eastern African countries with grants.

-      Halcyon has fellowships for social entrepreneurs who want to join the network of global impact innovators.

-      AWIEF awards African women entrepreneurs for their contribution to inclusive economic growth and social development.

We often publish relevant opportunities on our LinkedIn account, so go there if you want to stay updated.


Be selective!

Now, how do you make your selection between all these opportunities?

First, make clear for yourself what you want and need.

Do you want to expand your network, and if so, with what kind of persons? Do you have time to spend on networking?

Do you need mentoring?  If so, what area of expertise are you looking for?

Is it money that you need? How much and can it be a loan, or should it be a grant?

Second, read carefully what the eligibility criteria are for all opportunities. If you don’t fit the criteria, do not apply, since it will be a waste of your valuable time!

Do you have tips or a successful funding story? Share it with us, and we will publish it in our newsletter or social media.