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How to get the right finance for your business

Karen Kammeraat
March 16, 2023

The WeRise toolkit for entrepreneurs is a practical toolkit with many tips and exercises.

The first step is to assess your finance need:

- Define the problem you are solving and the goal of your business and the business model you will use to achieve it.

- Then work on your financials, how much turnover and profit will you make and how much cash will come in and go out (cash flow).

- Based on this you can calculate your finance need.

Getting your client, the problem you are solving and your solution sharp is also a key component in our Talent-in-Business program.

The second step is to access the right finance:

- Start by defining the stage your business is in, make an overview of finance providers and investigate their requirements.

- Make an action plan to reach out to the right providers and the best way to reach out.

In the toolkit everything is explained in detail and it is full of exercises to create your own financial plan and action plan.

Good luck!