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What is your wisdom wish for this year?

Yvette van Dok
January 27, 2022

Good intentions? Help. Before the end of January, I have already forgotten what my intention was. Which is a pity, because, in every intention lurks a wish. And fulfilling your wish stimulates the growth of your talent. 

The problem with good intentions is that you need to change your behaviour. This is where it goes wrong. Why? You are just not able to persevere. You can make it easier for yourself. And at least as effective!

Wisdom wish

What to do? Make a wish about something you would like to learn: a wisdom wish.

Complicated? Not at all! You make your wish and start learning from daily moments that teach you about your wish. Everyday there are plenty of them, you just need to be alert. No expensive or time-consuming course is needed!

For example: Last year I wished to learn how to build peace. Although the conflicts in the world are still enormous, at least I know now how I can to use my talent for peace building within my own circle of influence.

For this year 2022 I wish to learn to make resolute decisions. Let us see what it will bring me!

And yours?

A wisdom wish helps you to focus on what is important for you and gives immediate input to the growth of your talent. It is an easy and very practical way to learn. So, go ahead and define in 3 steps your own wisdom wish for 2022:

1. Define what you wish to learn. Please check:

·      that this wish is about yourself (not about a desired change in another person)

·      that it is about one issue only (so you have to choose….)

·      that your wish has a positive connotation (avoid words like no, less, more, etc.)

2. Write your wisdom wish where it reminds you on a daily basis.

3. And then?Just be curious about the lessons that will naturally drop from the sky during the coming year.

Give yourself in 2022 just your own wisdom gift! We are collecting wisdom wishes in order to inspire others, so share yours by sending an email to!

Happy new year!