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Fuel your talent!

Yvette van Dok
October 18, 2021

Your talent needs fuel. Regular refueling, as a permanent part of your life, is a 'must' for the growth of your talent.

But, what is the best fuel to make your talent grow?

Let me clear up some misconceptions first:

1. I get fuel for my talent from my work. Wrong answer.

Your work is certainly a perfect setting for the growth of your talent. Work can be so inspiring that you enjoy it. In fact, I wish that for everyone. But, work is about using your talent, not about charging it. So, no matter how great your job is, it's not the place to recharge your own battery.  

2. I get the fuel for my talent from my private life. Also wrong.

A loving relationship with your partner, children and other family is very important.This is the place where you can 'be', with your talent and with your problems and dragons. It can be a warm bath, but even here you  have to deal with other persons. Their needs and their shortages put a certain demand on you. It is absolutely risky if you expect your partner to fulfill your 'refueling need'. This is an impossible task for the other. In the worst case, it exhausts your relationship. You have to find your energy from somewhere else.

3. Fortunately, there is still option 3) and that is ENJOY, preferably as useless as possible.

This enjoyment can be anything: running, drawing monsters, growing cacti, making music, etc. Although it may seem strange or boring to someone else: you withdraw  yourself into your own world. Apart from work and private. No one demands anything from you. This is the place where you can relax, enjoy and recharge. This crucial for a crispy mind and a fresh talent.  Exactly what you need in your work afterwards.

 Unfortunately, this world of enjoyment often falls short. Booking two half-days a week for your enjoyment, your ME-time is really not a luxury. But do you succeed in this? Do not wait for your holidays to relax. But, check your agenda and block at least two hours ME-time for yourself. And if you need a justification, realize that your talent-energy will be doubled!