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Female Change Agents is looking for role models

Karen Kammeraat
February 7, 2022

Every day social entrepreneurial women around the world challenge the status quo by moving out of their comfort zone, donating their time, talents and life experience to manifest a positive change in their communities. These women act rather than waiting for authorities to arrange things for them. They act, without making a big deal out of it. Are you one of them? Then Female Change Agents is looking for you!

The Female Change Agents movement aims to make these social entrepreneurial women visible by telling and publishing their stories and to grow a network of female change agents who can support and inspire one another and the world with their stories.

The aim is to collect stories of women from six continents, whose work is connecting to one ore more of the 16 sustainable development goals (SDG’s). 96 stories, and SDG’s to connect on, so the Female Change Agents movement itself is contributing to SDG 17 Partnerships for the goals. Are you ready to tell your story and be interviewed by Lisa Koolhoven, initiator of the Female Change Agents movement? Send an email to and we'll connect you to Lisa.