Delegation with talent

Yvette van Dok
October 11, 2022

When your business grows, there will be a point where you cannot do it all alone as a founder or director. You will have to start delegating tasks, and even more important, but sometimes also scary, to delegate responsibilities. Otherwise, your company cannot grow and you will look like the lady in the picture!

Fortunately, it is not only you as an entrepreneur who has talent, everyone has his or her own talent and so have your employees! Different talents also means that your employees will probably implement activities in a different way that you would. Remember that this is okay, as long as the results are good! Try to identify the talent of your employees and discuss with them their ideas for your business, and which tasks and responsibilities they would like to take. You might be surprised! Delegation can feel risky, it can even be painful to give over responsibility to others.  So here are a few tips to make delegating easier:

In the beginning, delegating will cost you extra time. That is why you do this in small steps. In the end, it will be worth the investment, for the business and for the work-life balance. Be patient with yourself, with the other, and celebrate every step in the right direction!


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