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Business and personal growth at Susamati

Karen Kammeraat
December 13, 2021

We mostly train groups of individual (women) entrepreneurs, so training the full team of Susamati was a different experience for Brilliant Entrepreneur. And a nice one! It showed that the Talent-in-Business approach is applicable in so many different businesses, contexts and situations!

Susamati is a social enterprise in Mozambique with the mission to give rural and peri-urban communities access to affordable and sustainable toilets and improve the sanitary system in general. For a year we had regular meetings with the whole team in order to strengthen the team. We also trained a smaller group as trainers, so they can now work with the Talent-in-Business approach and transfer it to their sales agents.

In our last meeting this year we harvested and celebrated the results that were achieved. Susamati definitely made some big steps! They signed contracts as implementing partner with a number of international NGOs, they developed new products (such as building complete toilet buildings), they received the NGO status which opens new doors, they sold more toilets, etc. They now have a strong foundation to start building further growth.

Everyone shared the feeling that the communication and interaction in the team improved substantially, which contributed to the success of the company. It is much more clear now what the tasks and responsibilities are of each employee. People whose jobs are outside the office, now have more the feeling that they are part of the team and know what is going on at the office. And everyone indicated that their self confidence has increased and they dare to ask for help from colleagues.

We are very happy with all the good results and proud of the Susamati team. Well done!