Brilliant Entrepreneur starts in Mozambique

Yvette van Dok
November 3, 2020

Last weekend we started a new program with  social enterprise Susamati in Mozambique. Susamati aims to make all people in suburban and rural areas in Mozambique the happy users of a nice clean toilet. Therefore, they produce the Pia Fantastica. Special about this toilet is that it only needs half a liter of water for flushing, which is very economic and useful for areas where water is scarce and expensive.


Together with Susamati we will work on the talent and business development of all Susamati team members for the coming year. Added to that, we will also implement a Train-the-Trainers component to make sure that Susamati trainers can reach out to discover and strengthen the talent of starting entrepreneurs in the communities.

Online training

Although we would of course have loved to go to Mozambique to provide our training, this is because of Covid-19 not possible. Fortunately, this didn't mean that we had to cancel our program. To implement our training session online by using Zoom appeared to work fine, even with the additional challenge of needing translation from Portugese to English and vice versa. Sometimes the internet is weak, but the Susamati is very creative in using all means, such as involving team members by phone, to make it happen! As a result we have now identified together the talents of all team members, We look forward to the next session!


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