Brilliant Entrepreneur supports Initiative for Sustainable and Responsible Business Conduct

Karen Kammeraat
October 30, 2020

Many (or most?) of the products we use in rich countries are made of raw materials from all over the world. That has advantages for the suppliers as well as the buyers. At the same time,  human rights violations, poor working conditions, and environmental pollution are common practice in  supplying countries, caused by pressure and low prices from the buyers and lack of regulations in all countries and on international level.

Legislation for sustainable and responsible production is needed

Many companies do in one way or another contribute positively to decreasing poverty, injustice, climate change, etc., or at least wish to do so. However, (these same) companies also often directly and indirectly negatively impact people and the environment in their value chains.

According to the Initiative for Sustainable and Responsible Business Conduct, the problem is not being taken seriously enough and enforcement is lacking. To tackle the problem, we need more than voluntary initiatives and partnerships. As a coalition of companies, academics, civil society organisations and trade unions, we are in favour of legislation that ensures that companies tackle violations of human rights and the environment in their value chains.

Some facts

Did you know that:

Level playground for social enterprises

As Brilliant Entrepreneur we help women-led SME in emerging and developing economies to grow, generate employment, and to do this in a environmentally and socially sound way. Their efforts and opportunities would be enhanced by legislation as proposed by the initiative. It provides them with the necessary and fair level playground!

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