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Balkan women entrepreneurs make the difference

Yvette van Dok
November 16, 2022

All good things come to an end. On 13 October we organised the final meeting of the mentorship program with our Brilliant Entrepreneurs from five Western Balkan economies. It was a great opportunity to celebrate their achievements and learnings. Get a glimpse of their experiences:

 Xhesika: ‘I am very happy with the positiveness and good vibes in the group and the program. We learned to use our strong points and be friendly with our dragons. This gives hope and stops the fear.’

Era: ‘I learned to be aware of my dragons and manage them better. I learned about my talent, which before this training I wasn't aware of. I also learned a lot from other participants.’

Improved management skills and better delegation to team members was one of the good results of the program.

Milica: ‘I finally made the first step in learning about myself. This is exactly what I needed to get deeper into my bigger management skills, and get out of my small management.’

This was completed with impressive steps in the development of their businesses. Just four months of dedicated women power, mutual support, fun and impressive talents proved to be enough for duplication of sales, increase of turnover, contracts with new business partners (also internationally) or even start a new business line.

We thank the Regional Cooperation Council for this opportunity and look forward to staying touch with everyone!