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An overview of our results

Yvette van Dok
April 20, 2023

Did you know that….

Brilliant Entrepreneur is alive since 2014. That is nearly 10 years! Time to put some of the country results in the spotlight. Did you know that:

 -      The 20 Brilliant Entrepreneurs in Zimbabwe created work for 89 employees and 8473 suppliers during the 7 months of our programme!

-      During the difficult Covid times, all 22 Brilliant Entrepreneurs in Zambia managed to keep their businesses going in one way or another.

-      Fantastic Brilliant Entrepreneurs in Georgia can be met on our video Women Entrepreneurs in Georgia taking the lead.

-      Our programme stood at cradle of the impressive and international growth of five Brilliant Entrepreneurs in Uganda.

-      WEAC in Zambia has been a great partner. Combining Brilliant Entrepreneur with their programme for access to finance resulted in funding for more than 40% of the 47 participants.

-      In Mozambique four professionals have successfully followed our train-the-trainers.

-      More than 500 women entrepreneurs and leaders found their impressive talents. For many this has been a life changing experience.

‘This day was like the juice in the desert’, according to a participant from Sudan.


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