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Africa Food360 ended with a blast - meet the entrepreneurs on Agelvipa platform

Karen Kammeraat
June 30, 2021

The Africa Food360 programme ended with a blast. The programme in Zambia that we joined by training and coaching 24 agricultural women entrepreneurs comes to an end this month. The results are celebrated during a 2-week online summit, that was launched on the 21st of June. On that day 34 agripreneurs from Zambia and Namibia presented their results and showcased their products, using the Agelvipa platform. Agelvipa provides an e-commerce platform for African women entrepreneurs.

Organisations and participants happy with talent results

WEAC and the women entrepreneurs shared how they enjoyed working with Brilliant Entrepreneur, how much they learned about using your talent and that of others to the full, and how their teams and benefitted by working with talent. We are of course very happy with this feedback and look forward to new opportunities in the future. We encourage everyone to have a look at Agelvipa and discover the powerful women entrepreneurs and their products.