Accelerating agricultural women entrepreneurs in Zambia

Karen Kammeraat
December 22, 2019

Together with WeCreate Zambia, GEN Namibia and Kreativ Kapture from SouthAfrica, we were selected by the SAIS 2 programme to implement the AfricaFood360 Accelerator. The Accelerator targets women agricultural entrepreneurs, who work with rural out-growers and social enterprise markets. The Africa Food360 Accelerator is an 'Inclusive Innovation' project focusing on empowering female agricultural business owners to scale innovation, increase efficiency and improve delivery while creating social impact on rural based out-grower communities. The project aims to inclusively address the current challenges of Africa's food systems in the area of nutrition, climate change, food security and sustainable markets, through inclusive transformation in contract farming and out-grower schemes.


The programme will benefit the women entrepreneurs, the rural communities and the society in general. As a result of the programme there will be increased income and quantity and quality of food. We will kick off with our training in the first week of February and we are looking forward to it!

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