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A year of online Talent School

Karen Kammeraat
November 20, 2021

Like most of entrepreneurs, we as Brilliant Entrepreneur were also creative because of and during the Covid lockdown period. For a long time we could not travel outside of Europe, and most of the entrepreneurs we support were also restricted in mobility. We wanted to stay in touch with our constituency, for ourselves, and also to practically and morally support the entrepreneurs in emerging economies.

Every first Wednesday of the month this year we organised an online session about a range of topics. We of course started with sessions about identifying your talent and dragons, since this is the foundation of our work. Then we had sessions about talent and motivation, talent and team building, talent and money, etc. Talent is always with you and with everyone else, so it is connected to everything you do and experience!

Like our live trainings, the sessions were always very interactive, with a lot of discussion and learning from each other. Not everyone expected this, newbies thought they could lean back and listen to a webinar while doing other things. Well, this is not how we work ;-). Over the months, there was a steady group who felt inspired by the sessions, with every month also a number of new faces.

Although bad internet connections made the sessions sometimes difficult, we really enjoyed the interaction, openness and enthusiasm of the participants. After evaluating the sessions, we decided that in 2022 we want to focus on developing new projects, travelling again and have live interaction with entrepreneurs. So stay tuned!