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3 reasons why visibility is important

Karen Kammeraat
May 6, 2021

You may know the quote ‘You can’t be, what you can’t see’, coined by Marian Wright Edelman, Founder and Director of the Children’s Defense Fund. This is the first reasons why visibility of the participants in our programs is an important element. If, as a girl, you haven’t seen women entrepreneurs, female directors or presidents, you assume that these are not jobs that can be done by women. We invite television, newspapers and other media to our events and show the stories of women entrepreneurs on our social media. The more powerful and leading women you see, the more normal it gets!

The second reason for the importance of visibility, is that it is good for business! You will have to show yourself and your products to the world to let customers, clients and investors know who you are and what you stand for. How can they buy your products or invest in you, if they don’t know that you exist?

The slogan of Brilliant Entrepreneur is ‘Doing business your way!’. That is the third reason why we present your stories on our social media. We want to show how diverse women and women entrepreneurs are. We want the world to know that everyone has a unique talent and if you make good use of this talent in your work and life, you will be effective, creative, focused and relaxed! It will also make you more open and tolerant towards others, because you become aware that everyone has a talent. Let’s all use our talents!

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